Siebel Si 204A – Part Two – The Smēr Campaign

I read about the various Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian model manufacturers as they introduce new kits. The scale airplane press is keen to get us to buy the goods and then aftermarket accessories to tizzy them up – so I wonder if there isn’t a pressure on the designers to put out a rather basic kit knowing that the builders will be dissatisfied?

This would be a good marketing ploy if the basic moulding was perfect, but bare. As it is, there are a number of issues with short-run kits that tend to steer me back to the major makers whenever I go down the kit aisle of the shop.

The Seibel Si 204A is on of the short run kits that promises a great deal on the outer box, and delivers just a deal on the inside. Few parts, and many of them marginally moulded. It does have a decent enough cockpit, and clear airliner windows, but nothing at all provided to fill the visible interior. The fit of parts is also marginal, though at least the cockpit tray doesn’t wedge the fuselage halves apart.

Well, as this is to be the personal transport of their Ruritanian majesties, I have fitted the interior myself. There are two compartments; one for the royalty and one for their servants. There are two plush leather chairs and a cocktail cabinet in the forward compartment and wicker benches in the back one. The servants have a window out of which they are permitted to look.

I would have included more but I had a look at the size of the engines, the wings, and the height of the Alps surrounding Ruritania… and decided that it would be better to lighten the load rather than compel the pilot to enter and leave the country by banking through mountain passes. Or within a railway tunnel.

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