Siebel Si 204A – Part One – The RRA’s New Airliner

The Royal Ruritanian Airways occupies and envied position in European aviation – it has never had a crash landing. This is not to say that there have never been hurried ones, or landings that haven’t strained the oleo struts to their squeaking maximum – but so far every touchdown has been on the tyres – not the nose.

We cannot pretend that there have not been accidents and fatalities – but these have been due to the catering, not the flying. Ruritania has a distinctive cuisine…

But enough of the history. Here is the new RRA airliner, newly bought from Smėr – my first model from this firm. It’s an end-opening box but sturdy for all that, and the model survived an air trip from Melbourne in good condition. It’s only two grey sprue trees and one clear…and I note that the clear one incorporates the entire nose of the aircraft. The moulding seems clean enough, and while the panel lines and rivets are raised, they are quite delicately done.


The wing and empennage tabbing could be better – I hold no hopes that it will fall together – and there are some sink marks in odd places…but nothing that putty and knife cannot deal with. My main hope is that the nose will mate with the fuselage in a decent fashion so that it will not require a ton of putty around the windows.

I’m a little sorry to see that the interior of the passenger compartment is starkly bare – I may have to pop a plasticard floor and some seats in there as the windows are clear enough to see within. Fortunately I have a few leftovers from the Lodestar and the Ju 52.

Instructions? Basic. Monocoloured. Diagrammatic.

Decals? Quite Germanic. RRA decals will be substituted. The RRA colour scheme is quite simple and should be easy to airbrush on.

Note: The back of the Smėr box has four tantalising images of horrible European aircraft that look like they are begging to be added to the RRAAF roster…

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